Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm allergic to what?!

When I was getting ready to leave for the Bahamas I was excited that I wouldn't have to deal with my allergies anymore. Well apparently the dust, mold, cottonwood and pollen of the midwest aren't the only things I'm allergic to. After indulging at least 3 mangoes a day for the first 4 days I was here my face broke out in an itchy rash and blisters. After a diagnosis from my pre-med friend and much Google searching my allergy was confirmed. But hey...it wouldn't be a trip to the Bahamas if I wasn't extremely itchy at some point. :)

Our first mission team arrives on Saturday. We, the full time staff, have been the first mission team. We have been getting things ready for the first mission team to arrive and installing a zip line at the camp property.

This week will be a challenging one, but a very productive week in camp construction and we are all very excited.

Pray for:
Healing of my allergic reaction
For God to use the mission team to reach the community here


  1. Itchy, I think you're funny.

    Keep itchin'.

  2. Chelsea StromleyJune 4, 2009 at 7:48 AM

    ITCHY ALEIGH!!! I told you to stop that crap! haha. I hope you are healinng....man oh man...I just don't even know what to think right now.

  3. O no!!! I hope you're done itching by now..if not then just itch it..it makes it feel so much better. :) love you!