Sunday, January 30, 2011

beginnings of 2011

After a couple months, I'm reentering the world of blogging with hopes of doing a bit better than I did in 2010...but no promises :)

I got to see many of you during the month I spent at home in Iowa. During my time in the states I made my way to Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and of course, Iowa. My time at home was fantastic which made leaving a little bitter sweet. I got to see many friends and family. It was a refreshing time of relaxing and reclaiming my high school job as a lifeguard for a month. At the end of my time in the States I was able to travel to Atlanta to attend the Passion Conference. About 12 counselors from Camp Bahamas met there and had a wonderful time getting to spend time together outside of the Bahamas. The conference was amazing and if you missed it you should consider their next one in April in Ft. Worth, Texas.
After 30ish hours in a car I hopped on a plane and headed back to the Bahamas. When I arrived there was a team here from Pennsylvania. I only got to spend two days with them, but wish it could have been more. They were great! The leaders of this trip have been coming for the past four years and continue to be a huge blessing to Camp Bahamas. One of the leaders, Rod Straw, owns his own construction company and is a very gifted builder and he actually stayed all of January to help with construction at camp.
Having Rod here was a GIGANTIC blessing. So much was accomplished and it is so great to see things at camp moving along. While Rod was here we pretty much worked from sun up to sun down. For those that know me well that 6:30 wake up call six days a week was a challenge :) But like I said, SO much was accomplished.
Here's a list of the awesome things happening at the camp property:
-Camp road widened to two lanes
-Land cleared for the new main building (a gymnatorium)
-Water storage tanks finished
-All bathroom fixtres installed in all 6 cabins
-Foundations for the next 4 cabins finished
-Bunk beds (3 high!) built for all 6 cabins
-Bathroom fixtures installed
-Bathroom shelving built, painted and installed
-Dining room benches built
-Shed to house the Reverse Osmosis plant built
-Electricity poles installed
-Well dug
-Air conditioners for cabins installed

Whew! As you can see things are moving right along, and that's super exciting for us! For pictures check out the Camp Bahamas Ministries Facebook Page